Basketball Training in Georgia

For over 20 years Coach Mike Griggs and Georgia Basketball Academy have been offering specialized development tailored to meet the needs of individual athletes and teams. Between 2013 and 2020, our programs have assisted 100% of our senior girls in earning a college athletic scholarship.

Georgia Shooting Academy

High percentage shooters and efficient scorers are greatly sought after college coaches. Coach Griggs is recognized by both high school and college coaches for developing high percentage shooters. Whether a player needs fine-tuning, corrections, or major changes, Coach Griggs is the person to see. Learn more

Georgia Positive Performance Academy

Every coach at every level will say the game is “90% mental and 10% physical,” yet very few athletes truly understand what that means or how to work on their mental game. Coaches want their players to “get your head in the game”, be more confident, aggressive, and control their emotions but provide little to no practical help to achieve. The challenge for players is coaches don’t teach them how to effectively manage these areas. As a Certified Mental Performance Coach and Visualization Specialist, Coach Griggs can help demystify the mental game and provide practical and usable tools and strategies to elevate an athlete’s mental performance. Learn more

Added Value

Georgia Basketball Academy goes even further to help each athlete reach their highest potential. Evaluating an athlete during training is good but being able to evaluate an athlete in game situations is even better and adds value to the training sessions.

Coach G, at no extra cost to the athlete, attends as many games as possible during the regular and AAU seasons. Video and still shots are taken of each athlete. Coach G is then able to evaluate how the athlete is taking the skills learned in training and using them in game situations. Both Coach G and the athlete will review relevant portions of the video to enhance and strengthen the development program.

Rick TorbettA Word From Rick Torbett, Creator of the `Read & React Offense`

“Coach Mike is a very qualified and experienced Skills Instructor for both male and female athletes. He trains athletes not only with the same philosophy and teaching progression as you’ll find on my Better Basketball Player Development DVDs, but he also brings an added touch that comes only from personal experience gained from years of successful training.

“In addition, he has the working knowledge and skills to instruct coaches and players with my Read & React System of Offense. His passion for basketball and being a positive influence in the lives of young athletes creates an atmosphere where skills are improved, confidence is increased, and goals are met both on and off the court. Beginners, intermediate, and even advanced players from any age will improve their overall game during training.

“If you are looking for an instructor that will help you improve every aspect of your game and reach your goals then I highly recommend Coach Mike!”

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