What Players Are Saying…

Coach Mike Griggs is the most influential, educated basketball trainer I have had the opportunity to work with. The way he critiques the little mechanical errors that are usually overlooked has improved my shot consistency, footwork, and quick movement overall. I have never met a trainer that studies the game as much as he does. Each muscle memory workout or position drill he has his players do are proven to enhance their game tremendously. Due to be being a forward, I have to have strong post moves, but also be quick off the dribble and have a consistent shot. Many coaches cannot work with you in all areas of the game, but Coach Griggs knowledge has made me confident in the post and guard positions. The standard of how hard Coach Griggs expects out of each session has helped me push myself through workouts and to be ready at the college level. His relationship with each player is unique. It is hard to find a trainer who truly cares about the type of person you are on and off the court. I highly recommend him to anyone who wants to take their game to the next level. Ana Anderson (Mercer Univ. Freshman 2013/14 & Arlington Grad
Coach Griggs has been an amazing trainer for me. I have been training with him for a while and he has helped my game improve so much. He has helped me improve with the consistency of my shot, getting better in my dribbling, and also helped improve my moves off the dribble. He teaches these things so well because he makes sure you are doing every little detail correctly. He has many different drills that can help everyone become a better player. He also comes and watches my games and tells me things that I need to work on and things that I did well. In all he is the best trainer that I have worked with. I am so glad to have him as my trainer and I encourage everyone that wants to improve their game to come and train with Coach Griggs.Amber Skidgel (Hebron Christian Junior & University of Georgia Commit)
Coach Mike Griggs is by far one of the most knowledgeable basketball trainers I have had the pleasure of working with. Everyday I train with him he has a new move, drill or skill to challenge me. His focus on the tiny details of fundamentals is what makes a difference. He is also a versatile coach and can work with all types of basketball players. He does not specialize in one area but all areas of the game. My favorite thing about Coach G is his ability to demonstrate everything he asks of me. As a player it is so helpful to get a visual of the task at hand. By working with him he has made me a more consistent, creative, and all around better student of the game. I would highly recommend Coach Griggs to anyone who wants to bring their game to the next level.Katie Mallow (Appalachian State Junior, Brookwood Grad)
I started working with Coach G in 7th grade with my focus to be a significant contributor to my local 8th grade team. I have been working with him on and off since then and now I am playing basketball at a Division I NCAA School. Coach G is a great instructor. He’s incredibly patient and really stresses the fundamentals. While working with Coach G you become a better player but you don’t realize it because you’re having so much fun! He genuinely cares for all his trainees and is very supportive of each and every one. I am truly blessed to have had the pleasure to work with this man.Erika Joseph (Western Carolina Sophomore, Parkview Grad)
I have worked with Coach Griggs for a few years now and I have learned a lot during this time. He has taught me many new ways to play basketball that I never would have thought of. Coach Griggs has helped me increase my shooting percentage in the field and on the free throw line tremendously. He has also taught me many different ways to improve my strength, agility, balance, and many more attributes through simple workouts. Coach Griggs knows what he is doing and cares about his students. He shows this by going to as many of their games as he can and telling them how to improve during the game. If you train with Coach Griggs you will learn a lot and it will be worth your while.Mitch L. (Loganville Christian Academy Grad & Oxford Emory Grad)
My name is Kristina. I am (was) a senior at Loganville High School and I have had the great opportunity to train with Coach Griggs for the last couple of years. I began playing basketball as a young girl and have continued to play all throughout my high school career. After I began working with Coach G, my game increased tremendously. I knew how to play ball and the core fundamentals but Coach G took it a step deeper. He focused on my strengths and weaknesses and trained me in the way to best benefit my game. If you have the will to learn and be disciplined and the desire to better yourself I recommend Coach Griggs to you. He will impact your life and leave you feeling encouraged. I feel truly blessed to have had someone care for me so much and dedicate so much time just for my success in a game that I am so passionate for. You do not come across trainers like Coach G much anymore. I consider myself blessed and prepared for whatever basketball may bring to me through the rest of my years thanks to Coach G. I hope to one day to be a basketball coach and I hope that I might impact players lives like Coach G has impacted mine.Kristina K. (Loganville HS Grad & Emmanuel College Senior)
Thanks to Coach G, I have improved greatly from your training. Not only have I noticed my improvements, but my old teammates and their parents have noticed too. My shots, ball handling, strength, basketball IQ have really improved. I wouldn’t be in the place I am now if I didn’t train with him. During my high school summer camp I have been playing varsity as the backup point and sometimes the shooting guard. I know I have things to continue to work on. I am working my way up to the starting point for varsity and hopefully I can achieve my goal with Coach G’s help. I am glad that I have been training with him almost the past year.Kayla West (Dacula, Freshman)
I started training with Coach Griggs 6 months ago. His knowledge and teaching ability of the game is incredible. I’ve never known someone who understands the game so well. Since beginning training, my fundamental skills, understanding of the game and confidence have greatly increased. He takes the time to teach everything very precisely and with much patience. He is always encouraging and helps keep my head up when I have trouble improving my fundamentals/techniques. Coach Griggs has equipped me with a great amount of moves and counter moves to perform against my opponents. He always has something new for me to learn when I come to the gym. Playing basketball is becoming more and more natural through much repetition and muscle memory. Coach Griggs helps to make each player as well-rounded and prepared as possible. Not only does he care about your performance on the court, Coach Griggs cares about your life outside of basketball as well. He cares about you as an individual. Coach is always asking how I am doing and he truly cares. He has a big heart and always greets me with a smile and a hug. I am looking forward to this season and the ability to put into play all Coach has taught me! Being trained by Coach Griggs is definitely a decision I will never regret and a wonderful piece of the puzzle God has provided in my aspiration to play ball at a higher level.Maranda Blum (LCA, Junior)
Since I began working with Coach Griggs, my freshman year, I have seen a major improvement in my shooting technique. He is very patient, and takes his time to ensure that I know the exact changes I need to make, in order to be successful. I have received numerous compliments from other coaches and trainers, regarding my shot and form, and how it has improved. I have a certain respect for Coach Griggs, and I never want to let him down. The way he encourages me to perform my best, is unlike any of my other coaches that I have had in the past. Working with Coach Griggs has made me more confident and more consistent in my shot. Deciding to work with him is probably the best decision I’ve made in my basketball career. I look forward to continuing to work with Coach Griggs throughout the remainder of my high school years.Hannah Reagan (Walnut Grove, Junior)
Coach Griggs makes training fun. He loves basketball , and he is determined to make you a better player.Rebecca Walker (Brookwood Grad, Presbyterian College Freshman)
When I started with Coach Griggs, I had very little determination and confidence. I have been training with Coach Griggs since the 8th grade, and now a freshman at Brookwood HS. With all the training that I have received from Coach Griggs I was selected for the JV team. My determination and confidence level has changed because Coach Griggs not only trains with determination but he is a very patient trainer who never gives up on you or makes you feel you are not learning. My weakness was being trapped and I would get very frustrated and want to quit. Coach Griggs has changed that frustration and he has truly given me the encouragement to move forward to not only play the game but to learn the game. I am truly blessed to have met someone who is so caring and dedicated to his players and what I love so much about him is that he shows all his players the same dedication and has a very caring heart. I plan to continue to train with Coach Griggs throughout my high school basketball career and would highly recommend Coach Griggs as your trainer.Nykel Floyd (Grayson, Junior)
I have been working with Coach Griggs since my freshman year, and he has helped me improve my game ALOT! My ball handling and attacking the basket is much better… as well as my shooting! He is very patient and understands that everybody doesn’t catch on immediately. What I love is that I’m working hard but having fun all at the same time, Not only has he improved my game physically, but mentally I am more confident and have a positive attitude! All of his drills incorporate a game like situation. THANK YOU Coach G for making me a better individual on and off the court.Tiara James (Grayson Grad)
Dear Coach Mike, You have helped me with my basketball journey so much. Stationary dribbling has made my handles to what they are today. You have developed my shot to somewhere I couldn’t get it to be. You have given me moves to defeat my opponent. I took this time to thank you for all you have taught me.Donovan C. (McConnell, 8th Grade)
Coach Mike did alot for me. He improved my handling skills. It changed alot. I gained a lot if confidence in my dribble and I’m not afraid that I’ll turn it over. It made me a better point guard. I dribble with my head up so I can see the floor. I made the 8th grade team and might even start. I thank Coach for improving my skills.Daquan P. (Archer, Sophomore)
Coach Griggs has taught me so much about shooting, footwork and ball handling. He makes training fun and the repetition has also been helpful. Not only has he influenced me on the court, he has encouraged me as a student athlete. I would recommend Coach Griggs to anyone who is looking to take their game to another level. Thanks Coach for everything!!Nina W. (Berkmar Grad, Atl. Metropolitan College, Freshman)
Coach Griggs has improved my basketball game tremendously. Last season was my first season of basketball ever. I started training with him a little less than a year ago and coming out this past season, I look like a totally different basketball player. We did a lot of ball handling drills and also a lot of conditioning which paid off when camp and practices rolled around. He taught me a new free throw shooting technique and has also taught me lots of useful perimeter moves and shooting advice. In addition to being a great coach technically, he is also very encouraging, with lots of great advice. He has built and increased my confidence so that every time I step on the court I have confidence in what I am about to do. My love for the game has increased due to my experience with Coach Griggs.Lindsey M. (Walton County Senior)
You have helped a whole lot with my all around game. You have also helped so much with specifics too. I have new confidence on the court because of you.Erik D. (Social Circle, Senior)
Thanks for helping me with my free throws and ball handling. Since I started working with you I’ve learned the importance of dedication. I also would like to thank you for the way you treated me not only as an athlete but as a person. With your help I was able to make the varsity along with the JV. I am also receiving lots of playing time on the varsity and I’m only a sophomore. Wow!!! Who would have thunk it? I’m going to ride your coattails all the way to a scholarship.Samantha M. (South Gwinnett Grad, Perimeter College Sophomore)
Coach Griggs was a huge blessing throughout my basketball career. He spent hours teaching me various post moves, jump shots, and drills that truly took my game to the next level. Not only did he help on the court but also in the weight room. He taught me a weight program that would help me as a post attain the muscle needed for my position on the team. He helped me perfect my shot and taught me post moves that were tailored to me and my game. He came and watched me play many games and at our practices showed me how to make better decisions on the court. He even followed up on me when I played in college. He kept up with my stats and called or wrote to give me advice and encouragement. I became a more mature and stronger player under his coaching and I would not have gone as far and done as well without him. Thanks Coach Griggs!!Haley A., Walton County & Palm Beach Atlantic