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Coach Griggs (Georgia Basketball Academy) is more than a training coach, he is a mentor that exemplifies leadership, hard work, consistency in mastering the fundamentals, mental toughness and physical strength to his student-athletes.  This collection of attributes that Coach G instills in his student-athletes allow them to ultimately believe in themselves.  My daughter, for example, has been training with Coach G for about six months.  During this time, her dad and I have watched her emerge as a leader for her middle school team.  She went from coming off the bench with little playing time to starting point guard!  Her free-throws, ball handling, foot work and court IQ have improved greatly.  We have no doubt that this new found confidence will help her achieve even higher heights on the court and off the court as she continues under his training.  Thank you Coach G!Nate & Mel S. (2015)
Coach G will go out of his way to help his players in any way he can. One example that stands out for me happened a few months ago during Claire’s JV season. She had a poor performance in a game on Friday, and had another game that Saturday afternoon. She was desperate to get some shooting practice before that next game. Although we weren’t scheduled to have a session that Saturday morning, Coach G got up early and met us an hour before his first session and worked with Claire on her shooting for that entire hour. As he usually does, he also sent her text messages right before the game with some words of encouragement. It really made a difference for Claire and she had a great game that afternoon. Coach G is always available to listen to any issues or concerns that may arise with Claire’s game or her team or her coaches. He will share his views and give you helpful advice on how to deal with various situations that come up. He has a great deal of experience with the sport and he knows what he is talking about. Coach G is a true friend and mentor to his players, and also to the parents. I only wish that we had met him earlier in Claire’s basketball career, but I am so grateful for the time she has been able to work with him.Ann A. (Parkiew, 2015)
The Georgia Basketball Academy has been a wonderful experience for our son. The opportunity to work with Coach “G” has not only made our son a better player, but a better person. Coach G has been a tremendous influence in basketball and life. The life skills that my son has learned to not just be a good player but a good person will follow him for the rest of his life. The Georgia Basketball Academy has offered support, encouragement and my son looks forward to every session. I would definitely recommend The Georgia Basketball Academy to anyone looking to grow as a player and an individual.Mernice O. (Brookwood, 2016)
After working with Coach Mike for only a short period of time, our daughter’s confidence and skill level grew significantly. Student-athletes under Coach Mike are lifted up through praise, hard work, repetition, and commitment to individualized player development. We have been very pleased.Charles & Angela P. (Arabia Mtn., 2016)
Our son Michael has played basketball since elementary school, he loves the game. We began looking for a trainer some by word of mouth of others by website etc. After looking and carefully selecting we chose Coach Griggs! Coach Griggs is fine tuning what he already knew and teaching Michael skills he needs to step into the next level. We are very pleased! We most appreciate the coaching, training and communication style offered by Coach Griggs. Coach has the trainees doing moves and drills like no other training I have seen before. We have been around several cities with basketball. (Seattle, Florida, Alabama) Coach Griggs is the best, he’s a Keeper!!! Michael makes training apart of his everyday life. Thank you Coach Griggs!!Scott & Monica J. (Grayson, 2017)
What a difference GBA has made for my daughter Dazhane. I know being apart of GBA is one of the reasons why she loves the game of basketball. Coach Griggs has helped Dazhane become a fundamentally sound player. Her ball handling skills have improved tremendously. Her dribbling and footwork have improved dramatically; which is a direct result of Coach Griggs training. In one year of training at GBA, her confidence has grown because she knows that she can accomplish anything with a little hard work and commitment. But most of all, I appreciate the fact that Coach Griggs takes the time out to come to the games and critique’s her game in a positive manner; and that’s something we never received while playing AAU basketball.I am so grateful to Coach Griggs, for allowing Dazhane to be apart of his program. Wishing you continued success Coach Griggs to building better ball players! Thanks for everything.Natasha Moseley (South Gwinnett, 2016)
At the end of summer ball 2012 we began a search for our daughter to train with a basketball coach who would especially concentrate on fine tuning her shot. In addition, we wanted her to continue to develop her handles, as well as challenge her in all other aspects of the game while holding her accountable. We are very selective in who we chose to train her. We found Coach Griggs with Georgia Baskeball Academy and set up an evaluation with him. We discussed with him our goals as mentioned above. We also desired the fundamentals of those various areas to be broken down step by step so that the drills, shots and so forth were performed correctly. Coach Griggs explained he trains in that manner and that it begins with building a strong foundation by working on the fundamentals. Our daughter has been with Coach Griggs for just over a year. This is a person who is invested in our daughter. He has come to her games to see what he can do to develop her further. He videos and photos her games to evaluate afterwards. This is a person who goes the extra mile to invest in your child. He has a desire to help kids attain their goals. If going to college is their desire, he will help in any way, including contacting them and guiding you as parents on how to find the right college for your athletes ability. We found a jewel tucked away in Loganville and highly recommend his training to anyone searching for someone they can trust to develop their child fundamentally.Bruce & Kathy Skidgel (Archer Jr, Gwinnett Co, 2013 & UGA Commit)
It was just by chance that ​we​ stumbled across this website and decided to contact Coach G​. The best discovery and decision ​we ​ever​ made​! From the moment ​our​ son started training in November 2012, we were sold. After train​ing for only a few sessions, ​our​ son’s skills as wells as his confidence increased tremendously. He looks forward to going to every session and thinks the world of Coach G. I appreciate ​the high level of​ professionalism and ​his ​expertise in training. His ability to educate and relay the game of basketball to young players without every raising his voice is astounding. Coach G has ​the ability to understand his player’s personally and recognize their capabilities. ​We​ can see a huge improvement in ​our​ son’s skills. ​We​ believe ​our son’s​ continued improvement and understanding is largely attributable to Coach G’s teaching and motivation.Thank you so much ​, Coach G,​ for your dedication to training young players in basketball and for being such a positive influence in ​our​ son’s life. ​We know our​ son is in great hands​, and ​we​ a​re​ positive that what he has learned and will learn from ​you will surely help excel him to a higher level. ​Again, thanks!​Scott & Monica J. (Gwinnett County, 2013)
Our daughter, Olivia has been playing basketball since 2nd grade, and she is a rising 7th grader at Loganville Middle School. She has ADHD, and has a great deal of energy! Basketball has been a perfect fit to channel her energy and natural athleticism. We have enrolled her in various basketball camps over the years, and she did improve, but in small steps. The majority of those camps were in large groups, and did not focus on her individual skills that needed improvement. I continued to search for additional basketball training in our county; I came across Coach Griggs’ information on Facebook. I read his philosophy on reinforcing the fundamentals in the off season and knew immediately that this would be a perfect fit for Olivia. We began working with him after basketball season, and she immediately bonded with him with his easy going, and fun loving personality. We began our June tournament schedule and were thrilled in the improvements she had made in just a few months. She had developed stronger ball handling skills as well as much more confidence in her shooting. Coach Griggs also made a huge effort to attend one of her games, which meant a great deal to her. It is obvious that he cares about his students as people, as well as athletes. I cannot say enough about his natural abilities as a coach and mentor. We are blessed to have him working with our daughter, and we appreciate him immensely.Scott & Traci H. (Walton County, 2013)
Coach Griggs teaches skills that are fundamentally sound, he helps build confidence, he genuinely cares and is committed. My daughter reached her first goal by working with Coach Griggs. She made and started on her middle school 8th grade team. During the summer for high school work-outs my daughter has been playing with the JV and Varsity team but mainly varsity and it is due to the skills she has learned from Coach Griggs. He encourages the kids to use the skills they have learned and continue to work on them every day. I see an improvement in her skills and confidence but I also have had other parents come up to me and notice how much she has improved. The sessions she attends are worth every penny and more. Each session he builds on more skills and pushes the kids to another level. My daughter will continue to work with Coach Griggs and there is no doubt that my daughter will continue to improve. Stay tuned for goal number 2. If you are looking for a dedicated trainer that is knowledgeable and skillful that truly loves the kids and loves what he does. Coach Mike Griggs is the one!Karen S. (Gwinnett County, 2013)
We have been attending sessions with Coach Griggs since January 2013, and, in this short period of time we could not be more happy with our decision. We are already witnessing changes for the better not only in her skill level, but also, in her confidence level and attitude. I cannot say enough about his knowledge for the game and his true desire to make these kids into not only better basketball players, but, also better people. His overall concern for their well being, knowledge of the game and skill level progression is a blessing to anyone who has ever had the pleasure of having this man as an instructor. My daughter loves the game even more than she did (if that is possible.) She wants to be at a gym or outside in the driveway doing something related to basketball all of the time. I cannot Thank Coach Griggs enough for everything he is doing for our daughter to help her reach her current and future basketball goals. All we can do is count our blessings that we found such a GREAT Coach for our daughter to be able to work and grow with. Thanks so much Coach Griggs for not only being a great Coach/Trainer, but, for also investing your time, knowledge, and love of this game with our daughter and our family.Jeff & Lori B. (Gwinnett County, 2013)
We really appreciate the training you are providing to Samuel. He has learned alot and continues to improve. Thank you for the support and encouragement you bring to the kids. It’s very evident that you have a genuine concern for the children and want them to succeed.The skills that you’ve taught our son reflected in this years season at McConnell. We look forward to continuing our son’s training with you.We will highly recommend you to future trainees.Elbert & Dale B. (Gwinnett County, 2012)
Coach Griggs was literally an answer to our prayers! He truly cares for each one of his students and it shows! He helps to push them and build the confidence that they need to be a success. The attention to detail for the fundamentals of basketball has helped our daughter tremendously. The personal coaching attention is just what was needed for our daughter to move to the next level in her game.Marshall & Wendy B. (Walton County, 2012)
Our daughter Hannah has played basketball since Kindergarten. As with most it started out as just a sport to get involved in. Year after year she continued to play, all along developing a love for the game. She just finished her freshman year of High School where she played on the J.V. team. She truly loves the game and this past year she began to continually stress how she wanted to play at the College level. THIS IS WHERE COACH MIKE GRIGGS COMES IN! Thankfully through some friends we heard about Coach Griggs. As parents we needed someone who would be totally honest with us about Hannah’s Basketball abilities and could help her improve her skills. We found that and much more when we met Coach Griggs! In watching him work with Hannah we have witnessed his wide variety of training techniques, attention to detail, knowledge of the game, desire for each individual to succeed (takes time to come to their games), ability to communicate with each player in ways they understand and respect. He gives them the tools they need to take their game to the next level and helps them understand what they are doing wrong, why and how to correct it. He continually reminds them it is up to them as to how far they can go (Train More, Play More). We really feel like the call we made to Coach Griggs was the best thing we could have done for Hannah’s future!Randy & Anita R. (Walton County, 2012)
We have been with Coach G for less than a year and we are already seeing our daughter put to use on the court the skills that Coach G is teaching. In fact, in our daughter’s own words, “Coach G ‘fixed’ my shot in only 1 or 2 sessions.” But the shot is not the big issue for us. We are most impressed with the “moves” and ball handling that our daughter now uses on the court as a natural reaction to the play of the game. We highly recommend Coach G to anyone that plays or wants to play organized basketball. We know from experience that both travel and school leagues only teach “plays” while Coach G teaches the fundamentals of basketball. And without the fundamentals our daughter would be simply running up and down the basketball court ‘running plays.’ If your child enjoys basketball you can’t afford to rely on your league coach to teach the fundamentals to your child.Chuck & Lisa H. (Walton County)
Our daughter Elizabeth (13) has been playing recreation basketball for many years, her main sport has always been soccer. She decided to give travel basketball a try this year and quickly learned that she needed additional training if she was going to be able to compete at that level. In addition, she was also planning to try out for the middle school team. Through a referral, we contacted Coach for an evaluation of our daughter. The first thing that I noticed was the basketball knowledge that Coach has; he teaches and preaches the fundamentals. She struggled through the evaluation but Coach was very encouraging with her. He also was very clear with us and Elizabeth about his evaluation and what she needed to work on. In fact, he was very clear that Elizabeth needed to decide if she wanted to do all that was going to be needed to become a better player. She has now been training with Coach for 4-5 months. It has been amazing to see the transformation in her fundamental skills especially with her shot and ball handling. We are very pleased with the results in such a short time. We highly recommend Mike, he is a wonderful teacher of the game!Robert & Lori W. (Walton County)
I need to express how thoroughly impressed and satisfied we are with the training you have given our sons. We have participated in AAU, GBL, camps and leagues for the last 4 years. My boys have gained more game significant skills in 6 months working with you than in the previous 4 years of organized basketball. My eldest, you would literally get thirty seconds a game on his 7th grade GBL team, made his 8th grade team and is competing for a starting position! I know that without your help, he would still be struggling for playing time. Lots of people claim to train basketball players. Few have the knowledge, compassion, facilities and results to back it all up. Thank you Mike.Yao & Shamika C. (Gwinnett County)
Our son Alex was an 8 year football player that decided he wanted to give basketball a try as he had the build for it. Problem was he only had a few years of experience playing recreational basketball and he was trying to make the high school JV basketball team. We received a recommendation to try Coach Griggs as he had a personalized training program that could meet the needs of the player. Our son Alex started out really rough but Coach Griggs had the patience and personal commitment to making Alex better every session. In the 5 months leading up to JV tryouts it was like witnessing episodes of MTV Made. Coach Griggs knew how to challenge and pull it out of Alex to expand his capabilities on the court. He did it masterfully and succeeded giving Alex the confidence and tools to make the JV high school basketball team at Grayson High School. In the words of Michael Jordan, “some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, and others make it happen”. Thanks for making it happen Coach Griggs!Tony & Jo Ann N. (Grayson, Gwinnett County, Sophomore)
Coach Griggs is very unique. He not only teaches the skills needed to become a great player, but he goes far beyond that by imparting basketball knowledge and passion to his players. What I love the most about him is that he personable, inspirational and helps players to think and play smart. Nykel has been training with Coach Griggs for a year and I am very impressed with her poise, leadership and most of all her confidence of the game. She never would play park basketball and now looks forward to playing against girls and boys on the park courts. I am truly impressed, and I must attribute these gains to the thorough teachings of Coach Griggs. I personally thank you Coach Griggs for transforming Nykel’s game. I feel like all her hard work and my investment is finally paying off. You have really made a difference for her game!!!Taressa H. - (Brookwood HS, Gwinnett County - Freshman on JV Team)
Our daughter, Katie, started working with Coach Mike this past January and to say that we are pleased with the results would be an understatement! Through her sessions with Mike, we have seen her strengthen her fundamentals and develop her game as both an offensive and defensive player. Most of all, I think her time with Mike has increased her confidence and courage as a leader on the court which will benefit her greatly as she begins in the fall to play at the college level. Our daughter has a love for the game and she is a hard worker, yet Mike’s ability to convey and teach players how to get better is a gift that not many have. His attention to detail along with his strategic knowledge of basketball allow him to work with athletes so effectively! We recommend Mike and his academy to you without hesitation. He is very knowledgeable, passionate about his work, and a man of great character.Sam & Sarah Mallow (Gwinnett, Appalachian State Freshman)
Thank you, thank you, thank you! The progress we’ve seen in our children in such a short time both on and off the court has been amazing. We had asked our friends how their sophomore had improved so much and were referred to Coach G and are so glad we were. As parents we wanted someone that not only could improve their skills but someone we could trust and had our children’s best interest at heart. Our kids look forward to and love their training sessions with Coach G. We see their skills and confidence grow after each session. They even work harder in the driveway on their own now. Coach G teaches and challenges them in such a positive way that they really want to get better as quick as possible. They’ve improved ball handling, shooting, post moves, perimeter moves, defense, and overall strategies of the game. They may or may not go on to play college ball but at least they know they will continue improving their skills and will get to play more, help the team more, and enjoy the game more if only during their high school years. It’s a little bit of a drive for us and takes some sacrifices to get the kids their but it has been well worth it. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for basketball training in Gwinnett County, basketball training in Walton County, or any other county, Coach G and Georgia Basketball Academy is well worth your time and yes…your money.Fred K. (Gwinnett County, Freshman, Junior)

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