What Coaches Are Saying

This past season, we had Coach Mike Griggs come in and work with our girls for our pre-season conditioning program. It was one of the best things we could have done for our kids and our program! Coach Griggs is an excellent teacher and motivator. His knowledge and understanding of the game of basketball uniquely qualifies him to train athletes. He has a wonderful talent for breaking things down into understandable pieces of information and relaying that to the athlete. He is a genuine person, that cares for not just the basketball player but for the person as well. I know that our program benefited from his working with us and hope that we are able to do so again.Coach Scott Terry, Brookwood HS Head Coach, Varsity Girls
It is with great pleasure I share what Coach Mike Griggs can do for your program. As a head coach it is very difficult to give the necessary individualized attention that all your players need to develop proper fundamentals and enhance their game. Coach Mike Griggs is a “true professional” when it comes to training the fundamentals of basketball and as a head coach I truly believe “fundamentals are the key” to being a successful player and having a successful program. He not only takes time to train players and teams but equally as important he cares for them. Mike demonstrates this trait by coming and watching his students’ games and talking with the players families and coaches about the progress of their child. As an instructor he films, focuses on detail, demonstrates and gives constructive feedback. He will conduct individualized instruction or do team sessions. Coach Griggs is excellent at what he does and a huge asset to the Walnut Grove Boys Basketball program.Coach Rob Donaldson, Walnut Grove HS Head Coach, Varsity Boys
Whether it is revamping a shot or fine tuning footwork and fundamentals, Coach Griggs is an excellent teacher of the game of basketball. Not only does he teach the kids about the game, but he builds and maintains relationships with the player, parents and coaches. If you want someone who will tell you what you want to hear or someone who will accept mediocrity, Coach Griggs is not the right guy for you. However, if you want someone who will be actively involved in your child’s development and will break down your child’s game in a constructive, positive format, Coach Griggs is your guy.Coach Ryan Lesniak, Archer HS Head Coach, Varsity Girls

Coach Griggs is a wonderful skills instructor who has mass amounts of knowledge in the game of basketball and overall training. He loves his job and it shows in his work ethic, dedication to the athlete, and how he is constantly looking for the newest tools available to apply to skill and strength training. I have had the pleasure to work with Coach Griggs in individual and team sessions and both settings are amazing opportunities for any athlete. Not only do my players improve because of his dedication but, as a coach myself, I am able to improve and learn as well.Coach Rachel Ernst, Brookwood HS Assistant Coach, Varsity Girl

As a coach for about 20 years, you always look for a new tool to help the young people you get to influence on and off the court. I found that tool two years ago in Mike Griggs. He is an unbelievable person not only in his basketball knowledge, but as an encourager for all players of every level. I have been able to work side by side with Coach Griggs and have been so impressed by what he can do. He can take a player that is in their first year and have them playing like a very seasoned player by the next season. He can also take a very seasoned player and take them to a level they never knew they had inside them. I know this because I have seen this happen first hand. Coach Griggs can work on individual skills from the 1 position to the 5 position and teach players skills they never thought of. He takes the skills team coaches just do not have the time to do and develops these skills in players like I have never seen. He never quits going to clinics and seminars to keep learning skills he can pass on to his students. I have had Coach G work with players of my teams and am amazed on how they develop. He is an encourager to every student also. He is stern with them on learning but teaches them how to be a role model as a player, teammate, leader and coach. He dissects tapes of each individual player and teaches the players so much from their own games. He spends so much time at training but also travels to a couple games of every player not only to see if their are using the skills he teaches but to see what else they need to work on to get them to the level they want to be.Coach K, Walton County
I have known Coach Griggs for several years and highly recommend him as a skills instructor. I continue to refer athletes for off-season training and invited him to come and work with my entire team. Both post and perimeter players will benefit from his knowledge and training. Coach G makes a positive connection with each athlete, as sessions are fun, engaging, and challenging. When Coach G works with athletes he has that special, “Magic Touch” that they respond too. As coaches, we don’t always have time to spend with individual players as we take on the total team concept. Coach G films each athlete, conducts a skills evaluation, and prepares a training program specific to each athlete’s individualized needs, which includes input from the player’s coach. Progressive updates have assisted me as a head coach and enhanced player motivation. As a coach, it is fantastic to have someone I can trust to love and respect my players and improve their skill development and confidence on and off the court. I highly encourage any dedicated athlete to contact Coach G to assist with achieving your personal goals and maintaining a commitment to excellence!Coach Mike House, Alpharetta HS Head Coach, Varsity Girls