More of What Parents are Saying…

I can’t say enough as to how Coach Griggs and Georgia Basketball Academy has helped my daughter.. She started with Coach Griggs in her freshman year of high school and throughout the year, I have seen great improvement in her game. They will learn shooting, 1 on 1, attacking the basket, foot work and agility. He analyzes his students, then applies a curriculum to fit their needs. I would recommend Coach Griggs and Georgia Basketball Academy to any serious player who wishes to step up their game. He is a great Coach, Instructor with alot of patience and has a great passion and detail for the game… You will be satisfied.Paula J. (Gwinnett County, Junior)
Over the last few years I have experienced many coach’s at the youth level move away from teaching the basic fundamentals required to be successful. With Coach Mike we have found someone who understands the teaching of fundamental principals of basketball. My son’s foot work has improved tremendously. I have also watched his dribbling skills improve. His confidence, aggression, and court presence continues to grow week by week.Eric A. (Gwinnett County, 6th Grade)
I was referred to Coach Mike from a friend that had recently started her daughter in his training sessions. My daughter desperately needed help with her shooting skills. I immediately noticed a difference in his teaching and training approach. He took the time to explain the rationale for the techniques he teaches. Coach Mike has done a tremendous job in correcting her poor shooting skills and this has made a difference in her shooting abilities. He has also been a great mentor and motivator for my daughter on the court, in the classroom and as a person. Although, she would be tired from a long day of school, she did not want to skip her sessions with Coach Mike. Although, she injured her knee early this season and will not play, we are looking forward to a great season next year. She will continue her sessions with Coach Mike, adding on to the great things she has already learned. I highly recommend Coach Mike to other parents that desire a coach that is genuinely interested in the well being of their child, on and off the court.Laura W. (Lilburn, Gwinnett County, Sophomore)
Coach Mike, we’d like to thank you and want you to know how much we appreciate the work you have done with our son. When he set a goal this past summer to make and play on his 8th grade team, we wanted him to have the best training and mentoring that we could provide for him. We feel fortunate to have found you and have seen the growth in his skills and confidence both on and off the court. He made the 8th grade team and has already shown an improvement in all aspects of his game. Coach Mike you have been able to reach our son in a way that has helped him understand and appreciate the importance of fundamentals, strong work ethic and what a serious player must do to be successful at the game of basketball. With your guidance and help we are confident this is the best opportunity for him to advance and improve in his sport. We would highly recommend you and Georgia Basketball Academy to anyone interested in advancing their skills and taking their game to the next level.Karen & Dan R. (Grayson, Gwinnett County, Freshman)
My son enjoys attending the Georgia Basketball Academy and ranks the sessions as his best training to date. I have seen his progression to the play the game improve tremendously in such a short time. Coach G has an excellent perspective and knowledge of the game and focuses on building individual skills that are the hallmark of basketball fundamentals. I am confident and satisfied that Coach G and Georgia Basketball Academy are the right choices for developing my son’s basketball skills.Khalil A. (Lawrenceville, Gwinnett County, 6th Grade)
Dear Coach G, I’m writing to THANK you for the basketball training that you provided to Tobi over the last couple of months. He has learned so much from you in just a short period of time. He loves all of the helpful tips that you provide at each session, and he’s always looking forward to the next session. He applied a lot of the skills that you taught him at the GBL tryouts, and it paid off- HE MADE THE TEAM! Thanks again for sharing your knowledge of the game, for being patient, and for really caring about your students development, both on and off the court. The personal training from you has really made a difference, as Tobi gets so much more out of a one hour session with you than he did at the group camps that he has attended in the past. The small group session allowed you to really hone in on his strengths and weaknesses, and as a result, his game has really improved.De'Anne O. (Buford, Gwinnett County, 8th Grade)
My student-athlete has worked with Coach Griggs for several years now. My son has always worked to attain knowledge of basketball and has a great passion for the game. As he got older and the competition increased, he realized a need to improve and perfect his skills. He attended several camps and even worked under another trainer in group sessions. He learned at an earlier age, after having many coaches, to take what each coach has to offer and apply it, adding to your growth as a player. We met Mike through other athletes that were under his guidance at the time. Mike took his situation as an individual as well as a team player into consideration when evaluating his strengths and weaknesses. He set goals for him to achieve, stressing that it was up to the athlete to work as long or as hard as was necessary to succeed. Mike stresses the importance of so many aspects of the game. He works with the player one on one and then comes to the games to see if the learned skills are being applied. He teaches them that repetition and muscle memory will see them through those competitive games. He’s not afraid to be honest with them about their level of play or their natural abilities, or lack thereof. He does all of this with a level of integrity that surpasses many. I feel that he has added a new dimension to my son’s game. I have and will continue to recommend Mike to parents and players of any level. If you’re serious about basketball, he’s serious about training you.Deirdre L. (Loganville, Walton County, Oxford Emory Freshman)
Last year was a difficult year for our son. He desperately needed some encouragement to help him pursue his dream of playing basketball in high school. We found trainers that were willing to help but they lacked the encouragement he needed to press through his struggles. Mike really helped with his shot but even more so helped him with his mental attitude for playing the game. Mike has a great knowledge of the game and really does an incredible job of developing the player. Honestly, I am not sure my son would still be playing high school sports today if it were not for Coach Griggs. I would highly recommend him and Georgia Basketball Academy to any parent who is trying to help their child to be successful in sports but even more importantly to be successful in life.Ronnie K. (Loganville, Walton County, Senior)
We are very happy with the progress our daughter has shown through the training and teaching techniques of Coach Griggs. Our daughter was primarily a perimeter shooter who needed development of improved ball handling skills, attacking the basket, and improved shooting skills. Through the numerous hours of training over the summer we have seen improvement in all areas. Coach Griggs was immediately able to connect with our daughter and provide an early assessment for focusing on the right development opportunities. I would recommend Coach Griggs to any parent that is looking for a professional trainer that utilizes every minute to teach/train your daughter the correct skills, both physically and mentally, to improve their game. It is evident he is very passionate about seeing his students be successful on and off the court as he will push them to take their game to the next level.Kevin S. (Bishop, Oconee County, Senior)
Hello Coach G, I wanted to take a minute and tell you how well William did for his first basketball game today! He started as the point guard and had 25 assist, although he only took 3 shots (he made 2 of those) he understood that his role today was to lead the team. I was most impressed with his ball handling and his ability to press his opponent on defense. Oh, he also stole the ball 6 times. I was overwhelmingly proud as I watch his team mates respond to his leadership. Your training has giving him so much confidence, You are truly an amazing role model and coach. His hard work coupled with your guidance has really paid off and I will forever be grateful to you.Rachel C. (Gwinnett County Middle School)
We would like to thank you for all you’ve done for our son, both as a coach and a mentor. His motivation for both basketball and his school work have noticeably increased since he started working with you. Your patience and ability to communicate have earned our son’s respect and gratitude, as well as ours. Since he started working with you his game has greatly improved, as evidenced by the fact that he was a varsity starter as a tenth grader, and resulted in him receiving the “coach’s” award for the 2009-2010 basketball season. He now believes that his dream of playing college basketball, and being an academic all American, is within reach. We also want you to know how much we appreciate you taking your “own” time to attend his basketball games for support and to further analyze his progress. We look forward to working with you in the future as we both see just how far he can go. Thank you so much!Don & Robin G. (Gwinnett County, Senior)
For a parent that knows his daughter’s dream is to play college basketball, you wonder what can you do. Coach Griggs was the missing ingredient in my daughter’s basketball career. His vast knowledge of the game and continuing training is evident in how he trains and teaches the students he works with. He not only teaches them every aspect of the game he encourages them and is a mentor in their life that is very positive. My wife and I could not thank Coach G. enough for all the time and energy he has put in our daughter. He means the world to our entire family. He is not only a coach but a friend. Coach Griggs has taken Kristina’s game to a higher level by working on skills that are relative to her position and helped her individual skills increase unbelievably. Because of his willingness to encourage, train and push our daughter, she has had colleges from every level of the NCAA contact her and is excited for her senior year to be over and make the decision of which college fits what she wants to get out of college. She would not have the opportunities for college basketball at the next level if Coach Griggs had not been there.Jeff K. (Walton County, Emmanuel Christian College Sophomore)
Coach Griggs has trained our daughter over the last 4 years. Our first encounter with Coach Griggs was awesome because he wanted to know what she wanted to achieve for herself; what were “her” goals. Coach Griggs immediately connected with her and made her feel important. He has improved her ball handling skills, three point shooting ability and continues to perfect her free throw percentage. However, the most important things Coach Griggs has given our daughter are positive motivation, encouragement and an “I can do mentality”. As a parent this is so important, Coach Griggs has taught her to see beyond herself helping her to become a leader on and off the bench. Reaching far beyond her initial goals with Coach Griggs, she has matured as a player and we feel so blessed to have him as her mentor! Thank you Coach Griggs for always being there.Suzy M. (Walton County, Senior)
Our son started with Coach Mike less than 2 months before tryouts; last year, he didn’t make the team. Confidence, general skills, and experience were lacking. He had the desire and Coach Mike has patiently demonstrated a commitment to fundamentals,- stating that fundamentals will breed confidence, court awareness, and success. He truly enjoys the instruction. We were all thrilled to learn that he made the team and he now has his sights set on starting. We have seen growth in his off-the-court confidence as well.Kine D. (Walton County, Sophomore)
I would like to thank you for working with my daughter. Since last March she has improved on all aspects of her basketball game. Your uncanny knack for knowing how to communicate with a student athlete has developed her into an aggressive yet unselfish scorer. I look forward to continuing to work with you for the rest of her basketball career. I would highly recommend you to anyone who wants to raise their son/daughter’s basketball game to a higher level.Sam M. (Snellville, Gwinnett County, Senior)
Just a note to thank you for what you have done for my son. After a month of bad experiences, his confidence level on the basketball court had sunk to an all-time low. Then he started training with you. With your NOAH system, you showed him where he needed improvement, you demonstrated the correct way to shoot and you taught him how to handle the ball against opponents. Then you made him practice those lessons. But most of all, you encouraged him with positive feedback. Under your training, his accuracy in shots increased dramatically, his ball-handling skills improved spectacularly, and his confidence shot back up to a healthy level. Thank you ever so much! You’ve made basketball fun again!Anita R. (Walton County, Junior)
Our son started working with Mike in July, 2009. He was very hesitant about it at first but it has turned out to be one of the best investments we have made for him. His confidence level has increased dramatically which has given him a new desire for the game of basketball. He always came home with positive reinforcement from his time spent training. He was greatly challenged yet had such a desire to “try harder” because of Mike’s positive style of coaching. Mike never tore him down with negativism but encouraged him. I do believe he will have a different year this year on his basketball team because of the time he spent this summer and fall training with Mike. We are thankful for the investment Mike put into our son’s life and know that it will benefit him in the years ahead whether he chooses to play basketball or not. Mike modeled before him the proper way to invest in people, the proper way to treat people and the way to become disciplined and determined to reach goals he may set in the future. We would recommend Mike to anyone that is thinking of giving their son/daughter the opportunity to be a part of Mike’s training.David H. (Walton County, Senior)
If your student has the desire to become a better player and person, Coach Griggs uses personalized teaching methods along with advanced training tools to improve there performance on and off the court. As a high school sophomore in 2009, my daughter played her first game of basketball ever during a JV game. She began working with Mike almost weekly until the next basketball season. This year as a Junior, she is using the lessons learned as a starter on the Varsity Team. With her new skills, confidence and love for the game, she is now an official “Baller”. Increase playing time or College Prospect, Coach Griggs has the knowledge to teach basketball and the integrity to influence our young adults.Bryan M. (Walton County, Senior)