Player Development Programs


Due to the type of training, all athletes must go through an evaluation session prior to being accepted into any training program.

Ultimate Control

This intense, six week (3-one hour sessions per week) program emphasizes body balance and control within the realm of speed, agility, quickness, and strength. Please take the time to read Coach G’s article regarding Athleticism. A must program for every athlete. — Number of athletes per session: 6

Ultimate Free Throws

This intensely focused and specific, six week (3-one hour sessions per week) program will increase free throw percentages dramatically. Emphasizes proper form and technique along with optimal arc with the Noah System. This program will result in improved shooting from any spot on the court. A must for every athlete. — Number of athletes per session: 1-3

Ultimate Post Play

Emphasizes all aspects of the inside game. Footwork, basic to advanced post moves (i.e. face up & back to basket), offensive positioning, defense, rebounding, etc. — Number of sessions: Open / Number of athletes per session: 1 – 4

Ultimate Perimeter Play

Covers all aspects of perimeter play with special emphasis on how to attack the basket and finish with balance & control. Many skills and drills based on the concepts taught at the Point Guard College ( — Number of sessions: Open / Number of athletes: 1 – 4

Ultimate Handles

Control the “rock” and control the game. Emphasizes proper dribbling technique from basic to advanced. Stationary to moving. Strong and weak hand training. Many unique drills that will push each athlete to reach their maximum potential. — Number of sessions: Open / Number of athletes: 1 – 4

Ultimate Combo (Most Popular)

This program is a combination of Free throws, Handles, Post Play, and Perimeter Play. Program is specialized and tailored to each individual athlete based on skill level and position. Athletes today must have the skills to play any position at any time to be more valuable to their coach and team. — Number of sessions: Open / Number of athletes: 1 – 4

Ultimate Read & React Offensive Skills

This program is highly specialized and reserved only for those athletes that are on a school or club team where the Read and React Offensive System is taught and run. — Number of sessions: Open / Number of athletes: Open

Session length for all programs: 1-hour minimum. Based on many factors, the number of athletes per session can change each session at the discretion of the trainer. All aspects of GBA training subject to change without notice.